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Academia is delighted to invite you to participate in our courses scheduled for 2017 and beyond. As a new Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Academia Pty Ltd (RTO Code 45593) aims to deliver accredited training in Leadership and Management.

Training is designed to improve candidates’ capability in all domains of their productivity and operational efficiencies including better communication skills and emotional intelligence.

So, whether you are a born leader, or if you want to learn and develop valuable leadership skills, or if you want to advance your career into a management position; Academia leadership training will help you achieve your goals.

It is essential for aspiring leaders and those already in a management position to be able to display a high level of emotional intelligence and understand its impacts on their surroundings. By creating an environment which promotes innovation and leadership to manage an effective team and their performance. Academia has developed a course specifically designed to cater for today’s competitive environment.

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All Academia Leadership programs are delivered through nationally accredited BSB51915  Diploma of Leadership and Management program or through Leadership Short courses.

Based on the industry and community needs, Academia provides professional development and personal awareness workshops. If you are professional seeking points or hours for Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Academia’s range of specialised programs may assist you in gaining your much needed points.

Visit our Professional Development Workshops to find out more information.

Academia Consulting

Academia also engages in consultancy work with other RTOs by providing help in audit preparation, day to day compliance and quality issues. In addition, Academia helps prospective RTO’s with  preparation for initial ASQA registration.

Academia’s CEO Marina Tomasevic, M.Med.Sc.

Academia's CEOMarina is the owner/CEO of RTO, Academia Pty Ltd (RTO Code 45593), a leader with fluid and transferable skills who is capable to motivate and engage students, industry and her clients. Over more than 20 years in vocational and higher education environments Marina Tomasevic has successfully held numerous work positions including Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Head of Faculty, Directors’ roles and an Acting Executive Director’s post. Over that time, Marina has built her professional life by successfully combining training provision and small psychotherapy practice. Marina obtained her Master’s Degree in Social Psychiatry which has allowed her to research, analyse and implement the best practice in all work domains.

Marina can be contacted by email admin@academia-rto.edu.au or by phone on 0406 909 144.

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